The bare ownership sale

Through the bare ownership sale, your real estate properties become a lever of financing.

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A solution to monetise real estate property in a secure way. Capévia provides you with a solution to free up cash from your property without moving.

Obtain up to 70% of the value of your property in cash.

You are free to choose the duration you wish to continue to live in your property.

Use the available capital freely, you can finance all your desires or needs.

You can, if you wish, rent out your property for the duration of the usufruct.

You no longer pay for the future large building work related to the property.

The bare ownership sale

In France, an owner is allowed to separate the ownership of his/her property into two distinct parts: The bare ownership and the usufruct. The bare ownership (the walls of the property) can be sold to obtain a significant available capital. The usufruct is the right to live in the property or to rent it.

Characteristics of the bare ownership sale :

  • Sale of the bare ownership of a property (the walls)
  • Preservation of the usufruct (right to occupy the property or to rent it)
  • Choice of the duration of the usufruct: temporarily (from 5 to 20 years) or for life (until the death of the seller)
  • The capital received, generally representing 50% to 70% of the value of a property, can be used freely (improve your daily life, help your family, fulfil a project and dreams, or simply meet your everyday needs, etc.).

Bare ownership sale

The bare ownership sale is aimed at property owners who would like to have a large capital available, without moving home.
The main eligibility conditions :
  • Have a property for residential use with a minimum value of €450,000.

  • The property owners must be at least 55 years old.

The amount of capital received (corresponding to the value of the bare ownership of the property) depends on the location of the property, its value, as well as the number of years you wish to continue to live in your property (the usufruct).

Why should you sell

Have significant capital
Obtain cash flow to improve your daily life, fulfil a project or a passion.
Help your family
Make a donation, help your inheritors, help finance the acquisition of a property or start their own business.
Finance a new property
Have capital to finance the acquisition of a new property.
Finance a professional project
The funds from the sale of the bare ownership of your property can be used to develop a professional activity.
Repay a bank, tax, reimburse a family debt
Your property can also be used to reimburse a debt and avoid a contentious situation.

The steps

Step 1 (1 week time) 
  • Contact with a Capévia expert
  • Choice of the duration during which you wish to continue to live in your property and indication of the capital that you could obtain
  • Opening and presentation of your file to our partner banks
Step 2 (15 days)
  • Presentation of one or more purchase proposals
  • Expertise carried out by an expert certified by the « Autorité des Marchés Financiers » the French financing authority
  • Receipt and signature of the purchase offer without any financing condition as the partner banks already have the funds available and don’t need to take a mortgage.


Step 3 (20 days)

  • Deed of sale signature at the notary’s office
  • Payment of the capital the same day
  • You continue to occupy your property without changing your habits

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