Bare ownership sale
eligibility criteria

A bare ownership sale is a transaction allowing an owner to separate the ownership of his/her property into two distinct parts: bare ownership on the one hand, and usufruct on the other. In addition to the fact that the bare ownership sale responds to notions of law, it is also conditioned by the expectations of our partner banks and institutional funds.

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Bare ownership sale

The bare ownership sale is aimed at property owners who would like to have a large capital available, without moving home.

The available capital

The available capital can finance all your projects or your needs, including simply having a cash flow of comfort. This available capital will be entirely tax-exempt if the sale relates to your principal residence.

The property

Main eligibility criteria of the property sold in bare ownership :

  • Type of property : apartment, house, building, private mansion
  • Property value : €450 000 minimum
  • Property location : In metropolitan France, in a large urban area or nearby

Property owner’s profile

  • You own one or several residential properties.
  • You are over 55 years old.
  • A company (SCI or SARL familiale) can sale the bare ownership of a property it holds. The usufruct will then relate to the manager of the company if he/she is over 55 years old.

The steps to sell

The deadline for transferring the bare ownership of one’s property is generally six weeks between the filing of the file and the payment of the capital by the notary. At each stage of the sale, you will be accompanied by a Capévia expert.

First contact and analysis of your request

Contact one of our experts or fill out our online form directly so that we can study your request. We need to know your assets and your needs in order to provide you with a first response.

Preparation of the file and meeting with one of our experts

We accompany you to gather all the documents necessary for the bare ownership sale file, in particular the photos of your property and its location, your situation and the amount of your need. We suggest to meet you in order to introduce ourselves and answer all your questions relating to the sale of bare ownership. This meeting is organised in our offices or at your home.

Presentation of your file to our partner banks

Each week, a committee is held at our banking partners to analyse the files sent. During this committee, the files are directly accepted or refused. A pre-offer – subject to property valuation by an expert – will be sent to you.

Property valuation

The property you wish to sell the bare ownership will be subject to a valuation by an expert certified by the “Autorité des Marchés Financiers”, the French financing Authority. At the same time, your notary collects the necessary documents for the last committee.

Receipt of the offer

Once the expert report has been received, your file is then examined in the final committee by our partner bank. It is at this precise moment that the bank decides to make the purchase offer without any suspensive financing condition as the bank already has the available funds.

Signature and payment of funds at the notary’s office

Once the purchase offer has been signed, your file is sent to the bank’s notary. You must involve your usual notary, or we can suggest one if you do not have one. All the deed of sales are signed through two notaries. The sale price is immediately paid to you by the notary after the deed of sale signature.



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